Why Google Analytics can solve problems

Case Study: Why Google Analytics can solve problems

If one of your goals is to operate a successful website for your small business, company or even your own passion you want to share with the world – then making sure you that you have correctly setup your Google Analytics account is an absolute must do. Even more importantly, if you run an e-commerce website, then taking that next step of structuring your Tag Manager account and getting it implemented onto your site is definitely a sound move.

Recently, I experienced a serious issue where a particular platform I was dealing with encountered a severe security breach, and as a result of this breach, vital data was lost as it related to customers who interacted with the site. This loss of data resulted in missing and crucial information about the customer and their purchase, however, the payment they had made processed successfully as normal in their eyes. Sounds like a real mess right?!

Google Analytics

The resolution?

It was touch and go there for a while with nervous anxiety amongst stakeholders and it was thought that this information was completely lost as we could not find ANY details about the customers that made their purchases. However, thanks to prior strategic Google Tag Manager implementation (where you also have Google Analytics tracking) on the effected website – I was able to manually and successfully match online transactions ID’s made via our payment gateway, with tracked transaction data pulled from the Google Analytics. Hooray!

I was able to generate reports on products purchased and reconcile with our transactions data that contained secure card holder name, and then review any customer data via the CRM against those card holders to at least get a majority of customer information, so that we can update their records with the transactions. While it did take some time and staff resources to essentially mop up the mess of this security breach, we were able to get back to business as usual.

If we did not have the ability to review data from Google Analytics, it would have provided a more painful process for staff, and a negative customer experience for the consumer.


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